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Pros and Cons: Running Contests to Gain Podcast Audience

x Bookmark The age old question: How do I get more subscribers. One of the subsequent questions: Should I run a contest? Contests are great promotional tools if you promote them right. Contests can bring in new faces but also people just trying to get a free thing. So lets go over contests in podcasting. Does it work? My First Contests I Ran – Summer of Podcasts The first contest I ever ran on Geekazine was for the choice of an iPod mini or Zune back in 2008. I sprang for that purchase and got some great response to the...

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Podcast: What Does the Name Really Mean? Is it Fundimentally Amateur?

x Bookmark Every couple months a new voice shows up asking what podcasting really means. Its a valid question: there are so many shows out there calling themselves podcasts and in all reality they might not be. But what is a real podcast? Is there a magical line that crosses you from podcaster to broadcaster? Leo Laporte Sets TWIT Straight on Podcasting On episode 471 at the 45:00 mark, Leo tells John C. Dvorak, Ben Thompson and Jason Snell his view as to why TWiT is no longer a podcast. It brought a few podcasters back to hear Leo’s reality,...

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Voicemeeter Banana Software Mixer for Podcasting, Mix-Minus Skype Interviews

x Bookmark The folks at Voice Meeter have come out with a new version to their audio mixing software for Windows machines. Voice Meeter Banana ver. 2.0.0 adds a few new tricks including 3 hardware inputs, more mastering options and one touch recording right on the interface. Voice Meeter is a Windows based audio software mixer that allows you to use programs such as Skype or Google Voice to mix and record anything from your own music recordings to a two-person podcast interview. The software is donationware so you can download and install now. Add Multiple Soundcards With Voice Meeter Banana you...

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Can A Podcast Have an Erratic Schedule? HECK YEAH!

x Bookmark If you read any podcast book out there, one thing they’ve told you time and time again is to keep to a schedule. Even YouTube suggests episodic material should be on a scheduled release. But I am here to say that is not necessary. You might be able to have an unscheduled podcast and still have the audience. To do this, I am going to help you condition your audience to expect the podcast that doesn’t happen on a regular interval. Keep in mind you still have to do a show at least once every 14-21 days. Not all Shows...

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These Five Tips to Podcast Are All You Need

x Bookmark Want to become a successful podcaster? ME TOO! The reality is: success is what you make it. There are no magic steps. There are definitely plans to podcasting – from building a decent system, to publishing with artwork, an interactive webpage, and more. The more important thing – even though podcasting is over 10 years old, the podcast medium is ever-expanding. In fact, I asked a group what they thought we would see in podcasts in the next 5-10 years. Would holographic podcasts come into play? Will we switch formats – MP3 or MP4 to some new codec...

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How the MP3 Helped Create Podcasting: 20 Years of MP3

x Bookmark It was twenty years ago today – We could encode a song to play. It has never gone out of style, and we hope it will be around a while.So may I introduce to you – the codec you’ve used all these years… Back on July 7, 1994, the Fraunhofer Society released the first software encoder called I3enc. The encoder would take a song and compress it for Internet usage. Using the .bit extension, you could turn a  It was changed to .mp3 on July 14th, 1995. How Suzanne Vega Became the “Mother of MP3″ The algorithm for...

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YouTube Adding Tip Jar, Crowdsource Captions, and More at VidCon

x Bookmark Last week was VidCon – a conference for Internet Video creators. A great way for people to network and learn how to make their videos better. YouTube CEO Susan Wojcicki was on hand and announced a bunch of great goodies for content creators. Fan Subtitles If you have fans that are willing to help, why not have them translate or transcribe a video. Turning this into a major wiki or crowdsource project, the fan subtitles option encourages people to help you expand your reach with subtitles in different languages. Hopefully, there will be some type of lockdown for...

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How to Remove the Bounce In Your Podcast Studio

x Bookmark I was just on the community forums and someone was asking about room control for podcasting. As a musician, I’ve seen it all. Foam, egg cartons, carpeting, and more on the walls.  But what is the cheapest and aesthetically pleasing way to do it? I remember one time I went to a friends house to lay down some drum tracks. We weaved through the house into the basement to a room stuffed in the back corner. He opened the door to a room filled with burlap hung from the ceiling and floor. The burlap had couch foam inside...

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Giveaway: Win a Blue Microphones Nessie USB Mic, BossJock for iPad

x Bookmark I talked about the Blue Microphones Nessie USB Mic – now I’m giving it away! Get yourself this great USB microphone for your setup along with a copy of BossJock for your iPad to podcast with. We are also giving away 3 additional copies of BossJock for your iOS device! Check out the Nessie Review Check out the BossJock Review How to Enter: The widget is below. Simply follow the options and get more chances to win by doing each task. You can even do some of those on a daily basis! Contest goes from June 5th through the...

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11 Things Only Podcasters Will Understand

x Bookmark 1. Finally getting everyone to show up on time 2. Trying to track down that one cable that doesn’t work 3. Getting done with an Interview and having the computer crash on you This one came with inspiration: Post by Scott Monty.

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