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How to Record Podcasts

State of Hashtag #Podcast Social Media 1

The State of #Podcast Hashtag Social Media

x Bookmark With all this talk of Twitter bombing, and how we really use the term “Podcast” in our social media, I was curious how the hashtags in our profession are getting used. I wanted to know if I use #Podcast, will my post be seen more or less in today’s social universe.  Further, I wanted to know if there was a way to spot those who might be abusing the term. The Use of Podcast Hashtags I utilized a free trial of Talkwalker to get an understanding of how hashtags are used. I monitored 30 days of the four important...

PH006 0

Using a Metronome to Pace Your Speaking in Your Podcast

x Bookmark If you feel you talk too fast when you are podcasting, here is a great way to slow your speaking down. Get a metronome – one that either has a headphone jack or can pulse a LED light. There are even iPhone and Android Metronome apps out there you can install and use. A normal talking pace is 110-115 words a minute. However, some speakers tend to rush, so instead think about 120-130 wpm. That is not beats per minute, which the metronome will be pulsing at. Nonetheless, if you start at 110 bpm on the metronome, then...

fired 0

Could Your Podcast Get You Fired From Your Job?

x Bookmark You love what you do so much that you decide to either podcast about or get on other podcasts to talk about, your passion. It’s a great gig until you make one little slip-up. Next thing you know, you’re in the HR office as someone else is clearing your desk. It happens in Social Media – Situations where someone is fired for saying or doing something that works against their job. A couple cases where the person is fired even before their first day of work. The First Podcaster Ever to Get Fired For It? In the book: Tricks...

Setup an Audio Podcast Template 0

Setup an Audio Podcast Template

x Bookmark When I record the Day in Tech History, I use a podcast template in Sony Music Studio that I created years ago. This template has my intro, any ads I need to place and the outtro music. When I go to record this podcast, I simply open up my first template where I record and edit content to be saved as a 24-bit 96,000 wav file. When I am done recording, I open up the main template where I place the wav file into. The best part about this is I can splice the audio, then move my ads to where...

Desk-Lamp 0

Why Your Podcast Needs a Desk Lamp

x Bookmark A desktop lamp adds a lot to anyone’s show. Of course it can add a more direct light so you can see things better. If you are reading off a sheet, or just need to see the keyboard a little better. But the light also helps if you are ever doing video podcasts or are asked to be a guest on a video show. I recommend a light that can adjust easily. This lamp has a gooseneck so I can turn it however I want. Have two types of CFL lightbulbs at hand. A “Soft white” bulb and...

Podcast-Cheat-Sheet 0

Create a Set of Podcast Cheat Sheets

x Bookmark Podcast Hack: Cheat Sheets Keep Your Show Running Smooth Most podcasters set up a structure to the show and follow that from week to week. Here is an idea to help remember your structure and even help keep you from rambling. Create a simple podcast notes cheat sheet. In it, you have all your intro and outtro scripts, along with any sections you want to add and talk about. I use it for Wearable Today podcast. I created the cheat sheet on Google docs and add a lot of content that myself and other hosts can look at or...

ATR2100 0

How Your ATR2100 Microphone Can Do More for Your Podcast – Podcast Hacks

x Bookmark Podcast Hacks: Use both the XLR and USB when recording Its not my favorite microphone, but its a great go-to mic if needed. The ATR2100 from Audio Technica has a unique identity because it is a hybrid microphone – use it as a USB mic or an XLR. But the best part is how you can tap the potenial in this device. The hybrid microphone can connect up via USB or XLR at the same time. Therefore, you can connect via USB and record your voice on one machine, and also connect to a mixer to record everyone. If...

Turn iPhone Headphones into Lavaliere Mic 0

Turn Headphones into a Lavalier Microphone for iOS, Android Devices

x Bookmark I have created a new series for podcasters – Podcast Hacks is here to help you podcast on a budget. These hacks are different ways to help you create better content. From modding old items into new, programs to help you podcast better and more. Subscribe to Podcast Hacks Turn iPhone Headphones into Lavalier Microphone If you use your iPhone, iPad, Andriod phone or tablet and want to create a cheap microphone lavalier for it, here’s what you do: Get an older headset – whether an old iPhone headset or maybe something you bought down the road. Simply...

ten-ways 0

Ten Ways You Can Use Social Media to Promote Your Podcast

x Bookmark “Watch my show” and a link is usually what I see when people post their episodes on Facebook. A lot of them are “Gun and Run” tactics – where they explain nothing about the episode but still want you to watch or listen. Facebook sees this issue and wants to curb it by revamping their algorithm – making those posts go away. It will also make it harder for those who truely promote their show to do such. You have to start thinking in other ways to get the message across. Therefore, I offer some suggestions to help...

deezer-stitcher 0

Deezer Acquires Stitcher: What This Means for Music and Podcast Streaming

x Bookmark Just like with Spotify, Deezer is a music service from the UK that wants to jump to the US in the best way possible. Today, Deezer announced they will be purchasing online podcast streaming service Stitcher for an undisclosed sum. We look to what will this will mean to music and podcast listeners alike. About Deezer Deezer is a music publishing company that has been around since 2007. Originally called and “BlogMusik”, Daniel Marhely re-launched the brand after legal issues. The name “Deezer” was conceived because it was easy to type on an AZERTY keyboard. The end result...

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