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How to Remove the Bounce In Your Podcast Studio

I was just on the community forums and someone was asking about room control for podcasting. As a musician, I’ve seen it all. Foam, egg cartons, carpeting, and more on the walls.  But what is the cheapest and aesthetically pleasing way to do it? I remember one time I went to a friends house to lay down some drum tracks. We weaved through the house into the basement to a room stuffed in the back corner. He opened the door to a room filled with burlap hung from the ceiling and floor. The burlap had couch foam inside it and...

Use a Selfie to your Podcast's Advantage 0

How To Use the Selfie to Your Podcast’s Advantage

The Sinatra song goes: When you’re smiling, when you’re smiling. Then the whole world smiles at you… Selfies are big business because you can capture the moment by pointing a camera at yourself. Watching social media I see a lot of people are doing the “Ellen Show selfie” hoping to break a record on Twitter. Unless they have Bradley Cooper taking the picture, Samsung hosting the photo, or Jennifer Lawrence, Julia Roberts, Brad Pitt, Kevin Spacey, or other major stars in it during a prime time event, you’ll most likely not hit that number. You WILL get noticed, though. A...

Can an Audio Podcast Go Viral? 5 Ways it Can 1

Can an Audio Podcast Go Viral? 5 Ways It Can!

A couple months ago, Stan Alcorn posed the issue that while videos, websites and photos can do it, podcasts might not have the ability to go viral. But that is really not true. While its not as visible as Kimmel’s Twerk hoax, or lovable as a Kitten photo, an audio podcast has not only gone viral before, I believe it can happen again. Therefore, I propose 5 ways to help an audio podcast go viral.  It may not be as simple as recording a show and posting on iTunes, but if you do it right, anything can happen. The Audio...

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10 Podcast Resolutions You Can Make (and Keep)

It’s a new year! The best part about the new year is that you can forget what happened last year and start anew. You can change up your show to hopefully bring in a new or expanded audience. But in order to do it, you must first make the resolution to do it. But what should you change? Hopefully this article will help out. I order what I believe to be the top 10 changes you can make to inject new life in your podcast. 10. Change the music Intro and outtro music is one of the best ways to...

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Podcast or Interview from your iPhone, iPad, Android or Windows Device

The best part about podcasting is how mobile it has become. Even back in 2007, you could get a digital recorder which allowed you to record audio. I recorded audio for a podcast once from my old HTC 8125 Windows phone. It was a fun and eye-opening experience for me because I saw what we were able to do in the future of podcasting. Add to this some great microphones you can add to your smartphone or tablet, your podcast options are a lot better than before. Also add the fact you can instantly upload to server location so your...

Add Backlinks to Podcast Show Notes 2

Why Add Backlinks in Podcast Show Notes

Most of us who podcast don’t want to write show notes. We just got done putting the audio or video together and the writing of what happened seems a bit redundant. Unfortunately, podcast show notes are a necessity – it increases our SEO, therefore brings in new consumers. WordPress helps uswith this but we can do more to not only make posts more searchable, but also keep people on our sites longer. Lets take a look at how backlinks can do that. What is a BackLink? A backlink is simply a link going back to another article. I can backlink...

Portable Sound Proof Box for Podcasting 2

How to Make a Portable Sound Proof Vocal Box for Mobile Podcast

I am seeing a lot of podcasters with mobile rigs lately. This is great – you have to get our your podcast but your environment changes. Maybe you podcast from your dining room table or you take this rig to a hotel with you because your podcast is time-sensitive (TV show podcast, major event, etc). One problem you run into is external noise – Maybe the walls in the hotel are thin or you are two doors away from the elevator, even the air conditioning is pretty loud. Heck, maybe the laptop fan is too loud, which is harder to get...

5 Tips to Make Your Podcast Better, Fresher, Newer 2

5 Tips to Make Your Podcast Better, Fresher, Newer

So you’ve been podcasting for a few years now. You like your show but there has been something nagging in the back of your head saying things are getting a little stale. Your numbers have been stagnant for a while now and you want to push the audience a little more. But what do you do? Well fear not! Today we’ll look at 5 things you can do to breathe some new life into that old podcast. It might just bring more listeners / viewers and make you excited about podcasting again. 1. Change the Name of the Podcast –...

YouTube Live Events: How to Set Up your Channel for Live Streaming 0

YouTube Live Events: Setup Your YouTube Channel for Live Streaming [How To]

Update 8-7-13: Subscriber qualifications have changed. You now only need 100 subscribers.  Last week YouTube announced that in June, all YouTube accounts that meet certain criteria will start getting YouTube Live Events. You will be able (with the help of 3rd party software) to stream straight to your YouTube channel. With the new YouTube instant processing in place, your event could be up online within minutes of finishing. I had Live Events for a while now and have been playing with the features. In this video I show you what requirements you need, how to enable YouTube Live Events and how to...

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