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Podcast Jokes

Podcast Jokes to Make You Laugh

We all have to make ribs to what we do. Musician jokes, doctor jokes, lawyer jokes and others on the internet. But what about podcasters? Lets look at some jokes you can make at your (or a podcaster friends’ ) expense…

  • What did the podcaster say to their audience? 
    - Is anybody out there?
  • What is the difference between a podcaster and a savings bond?
    - One will mature
  • Who is a podcaster’s best and only friend?
    -Mike (mic)
  • If a Podcaster falls in the woods, will someone finally listen to them?
  • How many podcasters does it take to change a lightbulb?
    - None. They’re too busy making an hour long show about how the bulb is out
    - One to do an unboxing of the new lightbulb and one to do a how-to video.
    - One. He holds the bulb while the world revolves around him.
    - None. They are too busy waiting for an iTunes review
  • While at church, the priest starts to throw holy water using the aspergillum.
    The podcaster stands up and says “Hey! I can do that every week on my show with my microphone!”
    The priest says “Yeah, but I have an audience to hit..”
  • What do you call a Podcaster with an audience of one?
    - Successful
  • Podcasters should not be seen and never heard…
  • Johnny asks his Facebook friends for an iTunes review.
    A friend goes “Where’s your podcast?”
    Johnny goes “iTunes. DUH!..”
  • If it takes 1,000 Monkeys to write Shakespeare, does it just take one to make a good podcast?
  • What do you get when you mix a podcast and Viagra?
    - A four hour Podcast
  • What’s the quickest way to a podcasters heart?
    - an iTunes review
  • Wife walks in and says “I want sex now”
    “But honey! I have to do my podcast. I have to keep on a regular schedule if I want to get more listeners”
    “Oh dear, your podcast is like the sex we have. Only the first 10 seconds are good for me. The rest is just all you…”
  • A podcaster walks into a drug store and says “I need condoms”.
    Pharmacist says “You got a fun night planned with your significant other?”
    Podcaster turns and says “No. I was told I needed something to protect my microphone…”
  • A podcast is like a bank account. You talk it up but it’s still at nothing
  • Did you hear about the man who had a successful podacast?
    - Neither did I.
  • Did you see the podcast with the iTunes review?
    - It was just an iTunes database error.
  • Why do sponsors pay podcasters?
    - Wait – Sponsors pay podcasters?
  • Podcaster asks his shrink “Why do I podcast”?
    Shrink says “Because you want to live in a fantasy world…”
  • Podcaster wants to spice up his love life. He tells his wife he wants to do a three-some. The wife is intrigued. She says “With who?” Podcaster says “Mike”…
  • How are podcasters and fishermen alike
    - They both lie about how big theirs is
  • What does a Podcaster say as a pickup line?
    - My show is hard and lasts 60 minutes…

What podcast jokes can you come up with? Let me know and post it on the Google+ Podcasters Community!


Podcast Jokes

Podcast Jokes

Prepare your Computer for Podcast

Checklist: Prepare Your Computer for Podcasting or Being a Guest on a Podcast

Got an email from a user saying they had a problem with their show when they streamed it. Everything would start fine but then the stream would freeze and their shows were ruined. I have actually had that happen to me several times over the years. Especially if you use one computer for everything (which most people do).

There are many different ways to make sure your show doesn’t stall when recording or streaming. I put together a checklist you should run to prepare for your best (audio or video) foot forward.

Even if you are a guest on a podcast. Last week I watched a show where the guest was on Skype. His connection was going from high-to-low quality and back. Some people just write it off, but what if the guest could have one thing to fix that?

Create a Focus List

Create a Focus List

Pre-Checklist Before You Begin Podcasting

Continue reading “Checklist: Prepare Your Computer for Podcasting or Being a Guest on a Podcast” »

Create Podcast Playlists, Stations in iTunes

iTunes Podcast Stations: Create Podcast Playlists, Stations

My Stations

My Stations

With the addition of iTunes 11.1, you also have the opportunity to get your Podcasts in order by creating Podcast lists that sync between your different programs. iPad, iPhone and even iTunes on Mac or Windows will now be able to share your lists so you don’t have to re-create them.

A great tool for you to keep your podcasts synced and also set up so your subscriptions don’t stop downloading. I would like to suggest Apple add a “Share” option so people can share their playlists with others. Otherwise, just like with iTunes Radio – your playlists come with you on your iOS device.

Here is how you set up your playlists, then set up your station.

How to Set up a Podcast Playlist

  1. Launch the Podcasts App on your iOS device
    1. Turn on Auto-Downloads and Sync Podcasts options if you want functionality to work
  2. From iTunes: Choose Library (right side) then Podcasts (drop-down on left side). Accept the terms.
  3. You will see a set of pre-built playlists. On-the-Go, Most Recent and All Unplayed playlists will be available
  4. Tap On-the-Go playlist, then the Add button (at the top)
  5. Add your favorite podcasts
Setting up a Podcast Station

Setting up a Podcast Station

How to Set Up Your Station

  1. On top you will see a New Station button.
    1. In iTunes: Choose “My Stations”, then choose the Plus sign on the bottom left.
  2. Choose the station name
  3. Choose whether this is “Audio”, “Video” or mixed (in Settings)
  4. Add your podcasts to this station

You can also set up the order in the playlist and how many episodes you want to include.

Create Podcast Playlists, Stations in iTunes

Create Podcast Playlists, Stations in iTunes


Sponsorship: What’s Your Podcast Worth?

If I was to put together the top ten questions I get asked, this would be one of them. You’ve been podcasting for a while and the cost of doing it needs to be covered. Maybe you’re not in it to make a million (which you shouldn’t be) but you definitely want to treat the family to a steak dinner every month.

Where do you start? Do you give everyone a flat rate and hope someone bites? Once you get a sponsor, how do you keep them?

Important Keys to Getting a Podcast Sponsor


Before You Continue – Read This Article: Create Your Own Sponsors

The article above is a guide to creating your own sponsor. Having something to promote at all times helps you understand the ideas of how to sell as a podcaster. With that said, lets continue on.

Most people think you have to put out podcasts BEFORE you get a sponsor. Actually, that could be furthest from the truth. If you’re good enough, you could get a sponsor to pay for your show even before you start it. When it comes to TV, some shows are started with at least 1-2 sponsors in tow. They might not be giving you the moon, but enough so you can proove the concept and move forward.

They might supply you with a computer, microphone or other item you need to podcast with. They might just supply you with items to show off or give away. In my first year of video podcasting the show “The 5 Tech Things You Should Know”, I got T-shirt sponsors that would send me new shirts every week. I – in turn – made them a sponsor. I got CPC (cost per click) and made a little money on that deal. I also got a lot of T-shirts.

Having a show that grows is important; having a product to sell and selling it off the bat can be just as powerful. If you sell widgets and your podcast about widgets ends up selling 100 widgets, does that make you a successful podcaster or a successful salesperson?

Or are podcasters also salespeople?

With that, here are some thoughts in getting a sponsor for your show off the bat.

  • Look Professional – Have logos ready and put them on letterhead. Get the domain and have the website built. Email DOES do better when it’s {Name}@{domainname}. You can use a gmail or yahoo account as long as it’s not {yourpodcast}
  • Be Timely – Tell the sponsor you will be putting out a show every {insert schedule here}. Let them know what they are getting.
  • Plan Your Shows – If you can tell a sponsor what you will be talking about and the minute mark they should expect their ad, they will respond better.
  • Give them Stats – There are many ways to give your sponsor a set of statistics. From website stats to independent programs. One of my favorites is Woopra - the basic plan is free and gives you some tracking that you can send off. For your podcast – Blubrry stats are going to be the best way to track your files. It’s good enough for ESPN, why wouldn’t it be good enough for your show?
  • Talk with them – This is probably the best way to get a sponsor at ease with you. Bonus points if you can sit face-to-face with them.
Don't give it away for free

Don’t give it away for free

Never Give it Away for Free

I remember stories of people saying they gave away sponsor spots on their show for free as an ad-enticement campaign. The sponsor would take the free episodes, then back out saying they can’t justify the numbers. In the meantime, the podcaster gave away their time and effort for a sponsor that would never get on board.

Yes – sometimes sponsors do come back and sign up for more shows. It can work; In order for it to work, you have to woo the people involved. That is why radio and print advertising have sales teams. If you cannot pitch them, you might never hear from them again.

Set Your Flat Rate for a Podcast and then discount

The best advice I can give you is to set a price per podcast and don’t waiver from it. Figure out your costs to at least break even. If you spend 2-4 hours of your time and $20 a month in storage and website fees, then at least match that price in your sponsorship.

Give them discounts, not freebies – For one of my shows, I have a $75 an episode flat rate. If you buy four episodes, you get a discount. Get 8 episodes and you are basically getting one spot for free.

CPM Rates?

CPM Rates?

Should I Set a CPM Rate?

Yes, but you’ll need to track your episodes to do it. CPM – or Cost per Impression (usually per 1,000 downloads) – allows you to set a rate for how many people consume your content. If you are talking a 60 second script within your show, a podcaster can get $10-30 per 1,000 downloads. If people respond to those campaigns, you might be able to get more. If your show starts to get tens-of-thousands of downloads, you might be able to increase your CPM rate altogether.

Keep in mind a sponsor may even put a cap on a CPM campaign so they don’t get stuck having to pay for a popular episode. Think about it: If they are paying $20 per 1,000 and you end up getting 100,000 downloads, they might not be able to flip that $2,000 cost.

Get the Sponsor to be Part of Your Show for 3-6 Months

This should be your ultimate goal – especially in a CPM campaign. A 3 week campaign won’t get numbers the sponsor is looking for. A 6 month contract gives you security and gives them a good idea as to what your show can do.

I used to have a computer backup software as a sponsor. The sponsorship basically was CPC – when they used my code, I got a percentage. However, this software was an annual price of anywhere from $100 (single computer) to $1,000 or more (corporate plan). All I really needed was 6 people to choose a corporate plan and I would get revenue for the next 3 years.

The first week came back with nothing. Second week – same. It really wasn’t until the 7th week that I saw activity. By the 6th month, I had a handful of single computer plans and 1 corporate plan that used my codes.

If I would have stopped this at 3-6 weeks, I would have never seen a dime. By going the 6 months with it I saw promise. By the end of this campaign two years later I was making enough to cover my hosting, my time and a little extra to get stuff I needed.



Other Types of Sponsors

Affiliate marketing is chuck full of opportunities. Don’t expect getting free Mercedes for podcasting about it. Maybe you’ll get a Mercedes for a week to try out and give your thoughts. That might not sound like much, but you save wear-and-tear on your car and they could flip for the gas.

Don’t Take Every Type of Sponsorship

My friend Todd Cochrane is adamant about it. “Why are you trying to get a free cup of coffee”, he would ask.

You might get pitches all the time via email for things that don’t even add up to $20. If you believe in their product – by all means take the sponsorship. If you are doing it to fill a gap – its sometimes best to let it pass.

Turn a Bad Situation into a Good One

I get emails all the time saying they want to pay me for a blog post. I turn around and send them my rate card. I say they should be a sponsor on my show, which could bring more than just a paid blog post. I have a couple companies trying this out.

Ultimately, you want someone to say “Yes, I will sponsor your podcast”. Give them a solid idea, show them you are passionate about the idea and don’t put down a number that makes people cringe. Know what is a cup of coffee and what can become a good partnership. It will come together.