Electro-Voice Raven, Cardinal Microphones for Your Cool Podcast Look


Looking for a new microphone? Not only does this microphone work well, it also looks good on camera. The Electro-Voice Raven Microphone is a collaboration with EV and Blue to come up with a great looking microphone that also can capture voice and instrument without issue.

Electro-Voice Blue Raven Microphone

Electro-Voice Blue Raven Microphone

Electro-Voice Raven

The EV Raven is a Dynamic mic, using a cardioid pattern. Off-axis rejection means anything behind the microphone won’t be picked up by the mic. If you want a more crisp vocal, the EV Raven is a great microphone to use. It also boosts the mid-tones to really give you a nice podcast vocal.

If you are also a musician, it works great on an amplifier, or micing up a guitar. The best part is it’s small enough to not be in the way. Not sure if it works for harmonica recording, but the larger embouchure might prove it to be a good harp holder without the mic mount attached.

Get the Electro-Voice Raven at B&H

Electro-Voice Cardinal

Electro-Voice Cardinal

Electro-Voice Cardinal

The Electro-Voice Cardinal is a similar condenser microphone that has a wood-grain look to it. The swivel base helps you adjust the microphone to your needs. It’s smaller depth allows the mic to be placed where an SM-57 might not work (especially with something like a Pearstone 3-Pin XLR-M Angled cable).

Get the Electro-Voice Cardinal at B&H

I bought this microphone a few years ago, to add a new look and sound to my podcast. I used this mic on-air for a couple years, then moved it to an overhead microphone for the studio. It’s flexibility is one reason why I chose the Raven.  The prices of these two mics cannot be beat, either. $99 for the Raven and $149 for the Cardinal.

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